This 'reservoire' displays some insight into the articles and pieces I have written in the past two years. The lion's share of my portfolio has been created during an editorial & journalism internship at ZOO Magazine. During my formal education, I have participated in a Fashion & Editorial Branding Honours Minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where I contributed to the indie fashion publication 'Garment Magazine' as an editorial writer; as well as an International Journalism Honours Minor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Currently, I write news pieces and interviews for ZOO Magazine's print issues, as well as for the art section of their online platform. I am also currently in my last semester at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, with an estimated graduation at the end of January. 

Berlin & Brussel Gallery Weekend - ZOO Magazine - ART

From renowned museums to exquisite galleries, small artist’ ateliers and café exhibitions – Brussel’s cultural repertoire is of an impressive spectrum in which traditional spirits fuse with urban contemporality. Since 2008, each year in September the art hubs of the city become the showplaces of the Brussels Gallery Weekend, an undertaking that highlights this diverse art scene and its spectators. A dynamic program of exhibitions, panel talks and gallery tours enables the visitors to immerse themselves into the local art scene. A special exhibition named Generation Brussels supports young talents by providing them with an opportunity to show their art. With 46 participating galleries and 14 guest venues, the weekend promises a plethora of exhibitions.

Switching Sidewalks and Fake Calling Friends – A Woman's Journey Towards a Safer Space

“Bye! Text me when you’re home”, a friend yells after me as I leave her doorstep. First mistake. What if a pedestrian with bad intentions heard it and follows me? I shake my head. Don’t be such a snowflake. I make my way to the tram station, the unease is a steady companion on the way, like white-noise. No need to mention that I don’t put my earphones in as I walk. If anything I hear music in mono not stereo – one ear stays alert. From afar, I spot a sketchy figure lurking around the station. I wait within a safe distance until I see the headlights of my tram. Better safe than sorry. Because women feel shame for challenging a potentially dangerous situation. My fault, right? I knew it.

Farmer's Markets - The Mirrors of Society

Covid-19 has changed everyday life fundamentally. Public locations like markets, shops and museums maintain a certain normality, yet the current measurements have an impact on how society behaves. Winding back the clock to September 2019. It’s a prosperous Saturday, 11 AM and life is slowly being breathed into the Albert Cuyp market. It’s a wakening call for the senses and the mind; vibrant colours of produce catch the visitor’s eyes. The sweet, velvety smell of Poffertjes wafts through the air

Cottage Core – A Microtrend Exemplifying a Generational Mind Shift

What if we spun back in time, some centuries, some decades, without losing modern values, education and forthcoming all together? #Cottagecore is flooding the social media channels of anyone vastly defining as Gen Z is currently painting this picture in great detail - visually at least. As one of the most distinctive microtrends of 2020, this aesthetic delivers a glimpse into a future where ‘back to the roots’ is more than just a caption.

At the Roots of the Future - Nxt Museum Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s diverse Museum scene has been replenished by a first-of-its-kind attraction. On 29 August the Nxt Museum opened its doors to make the art of tomorrow accessible to the public. At Nxt Museum, an avant-garde universe collides with the human senses – an experience predestined for unpredictability. Visitors are lead through different installations, making use of light, sound, and movement to create cosmic scenarios. The merging of these technological attractions with individual percepti

Fashion Dispatch - What Even is Fashion's Purpose These Days?

While the appearance of choice for online meetings poorly represents the complex, individual motivations behind personal style, it still mirrors a substantial matter. Does getting dressed make us feel good? Or does the acknowledgement of it makes us feel good? Let’s pretend it’s normal life for a second. Have you ever heard someone say ‘I am making the styling effort for myself only!’? Although I widely believe in this – and I may or may not have used it myself a few times – it also leaves me in

The Semiotic Power of Fashion – A Closer Look on Signifying Scarves

In 2013 no other person than the queen of non-conformity herself started a climate revolution campaign. Back then, Vivienne Westwood was one of the first Designers to openly address the issues which the fashion industry has been – and still is - causing to the environment. Within this campaign, Westwood created a scarf called “the knot-wrap”, inspired by an old Japanese tradition of wrapping presents in fabric instead of single-use packaging. The aim of the scarf was, to raise awareness of all the landfill resulting from wasted gift wrappers during Christmas time.

Realis Et Delusio - A Modern Fairytale (Extrait)

One spring morning in April the muted bubble gum blue sky was dripping with sunshine while the streets of Amsterdam were being swept by merciless gusts of wind. The rattling sounds of the storm on the shutters and the patterns the sunlight projected onto the walls foreshadowed a day of an extraordinary kind. A whiff of patchouli perfume evaporated in the doorframe as Raziyah grabbed their keys and left the apartement for an ordinary work commute.

What Makes a University Stand Out?

Every country has those A-list universities – the ones with a big name and a big image, showing up in the top five of every university ranking accessible on the internet. They are often based on abstract data and rely on factors such as research departments, academic chairs and accolades. Now, while these studies help to determine the impression of universities, there are a few additional questions to ask when it comes to choosing a future university. Perhaps you would like to know about the qua

Ceci N'est Pas Une Ceinture

This zine is taking you through modern interpretations of belting purposes and deliver a fresh outlook on how underestimated the garment is - while focusing on its individual interpretation as it occurs in daily dressing. Hidden under a layer of fabric, they are easily postmarked as a garment of lesser importance - reduced to their basic function. It is this issue's aim to shine a different light on belts – a light that puts their addition and value to an outfit into place.

The Values of Fashion - Scenarios of Scarves

This scarf stands for more than one person. It is a perfect example of how fashion holds the potential for a political message. This scarf is a metaphor for a peaceful way of revolt and a sign of hope – it is green of colour. As opposed to being part of an outfit, it becomes alive in the streets – the streets of Argentina where it is a trademark of a movement demonstrating for the legalization of abortion. It is worn with pride during the protest and a cherished symbol of activism once it is brought home.

Fragments of Joy And Where to Find Them - A Short Observation

It was a hot summer day and we were sitting in the shade of the balcony, orange lemonade on the table. The moment made me happy. Out of a mood, I asked them to name something which made them happy on a daily basis. One friend, a very social one who always has plans and often bumps into people in coincidence, answered the only thing which made her truly happy is being with groups of friends, out and about. The other one, not less of a social butterfly, answered that she is truly happy when she is at a festival with friends, on a weekend preferably, dancing. I was baffled because to me this seemed like things that appear not frequently enough to make you happy within one day?